In the memory of Yuri Liubimov’s achievements, every year the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and the Lyubimov Foundation are selecting an outstanding theatre personality to be awarded with the Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award.

The first Award was given to Anatoli Vassiliev and the second one to Tadashi Suzuki.

The jury of the Yuri Lyubimov International Theatre Award (Katalin Lyubimova, Natalia Isaeva, Anatoli Vassiliev, and Tobias Biancone) decided to announce the Awardee 2020 to Theodoros Terzopoulos for the following reasoning.

Theodoros Terzopoulos is an outstanding theatre personality who has received local and international acclaim for his artistic and educational work. He is famous for staging Greek tragedies as well as contemporary plays of the most eminent European and Greek writers. He directed in Greece and abroad and collaborated with significant performers. Theodoros Terzopoulos and his Attis Theatre, that he founded in 1985, have presented more than 2100 performances all over the world throughout 35 years.

Since 2013 he is leading every year the international summer workshop “The Return of Dionysus – The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos” for young performers and directors. He has been awarded with many Theatre Prizes. Books on his working method and Attis Theatre have been published in Greek, English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Mandarin, Korean and Arab. The book of his Method titled “The Return of Dionysus” was published in 2015 and since then has been translated in many languages.