“The return of Dionysus”, the book where Theodoros Terzopoulos develops his acting method is published in Spanish by editions Universidad Distrital Fransisco Jose de Caldas in Bogota, Colombia.

The edition includes a preface by the acclaimed professor Erika Fischer Lichte, an epilogue by the anthropologist Carlos Araque Osorio, who also supervised the proofreading, and a conversation of Theodoros Terzopoulos with Torsten Israel. The book of the Method includes 12 chapters and 40 exercises for performers. The basic training is demonstrated by Savvas Stroumpos in online videos (run. time 2.5 hours) available in vimeo. The book is translated in Spanish by Florian Zambrano Moreno.
“The return of Dionysus” was published in Greek in 2015 followed by editions in Russian, German, English, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Mandarin (Taiwan), Chinese and Arab, in collaboration with important editors, theatres and theatre academies.

The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos is internationally acclaimed and being taught at the Central Drama Academy of Beijing, the Theatre Academy of St. Petersburg, the National Theatre Academy Silvio d’ Amico in Rome, the Theatre Academy of Taiwan, the Grotowsky Institute in Poland and in many theatres as elementary part of performers’ training. For 35 years now Theodoros Terzopoulos and Attis Theatre have been leading more than 400 workshops in Drama Academies, drama schools, international festivals and theatres. The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos has been studied by many theatre professors all over the world.