酒 神 归 来

ed. China Theatre Press in conjunction with the Central Drama Academy of Beijing. Beijing, 2018
translation: Jue Huang

ISBN: 978-7-104-04658-5

The Chinese edition of the Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos, includes a preface by Eleni Varopoulou. The book was published on the occasion of the staging of Agamemnon with Chinese actors at the Central Drama Academy of Beijing, where Terzopoulos is an Emeritus Professor and his method is being taught regularly.
The book includes 12 chapters and 40 self-study exercises for actresses and actors. The basic training is demonstrated by Savvas Stroumpos in DVD (run. time 2.5 hours) attached to the book.

The world has changed and the performer must cultivate a fruitful criticism toward things, constantly expressing his agony: theatre is something else than what we thought till today and it should follow different pathways. We need to reconsider theatre through the art of the performer. This is the way of theatre in the 21st century, a centu ry of many redefinitions. Dionysus is missing, he is in exile, the idea of the confrontational man is lost and the road towards measure, harmony, Ithaca has disappeared. Will it be found? The last word of theatre will never be spoken. Will Dionysus return?”