The Last Mask

Kostas Logaras / Theodoros Terzopoulos
ed. Pikramenos, Patras, 2020
ISBN: 978-618-534230-2

The renowned author Kostas Logaras starts from a true story and works through the myth of Patrinela: a ghost and protector of the city of Patras, because of her heinous crime that shocked the society and caused an outcry in 1961. A woman betrayed by her lover and passionate about revenge, killed his child around Dasyllio, next to the walls of the big castle. The woman was convicted and suicided in prison.
Folklore married with a murder creates a multi-layered theatrical text. The international and acclaimed director Theodoros Terzopoulos structurally edits dramatically the text and directs the play, which was staged in Greece (Patras-Athens) in the frame of “Patras – Cultural Capital 2006”, as well as abroad (Germany), receiving celebrating reviews.
This book includes the first version of the play as well as the text of the performance, offering an in-depth look at the editing testing mechanisms of Logaras ‘original literary text in the director’s workshop and an excellent aesthetic product in Terzopoulos’ performance. At the same time, it raises literary interest for those who will look for the sources of inspiration, the myth of the city and the connection with its present, or the multiple levels of writing and transcribing a literary work from paper into an artistic masterpiece on stage. It is for the reader a wandering-challenge from the tragic truth to the poetic configuration of the myth, and from the myth to its dramatic reconstruction on stage… In the stages of writing and rewriting a work, speech and reality.
(from the press release)

photo: Johanna Weber