The “Greek” world of Theodoros Terzopoulos – Delphi and Kiato (in Greek)

Etel Adnan
ed. Agra, Athens, 2019
translation: Yannis Sideris, Vasiliki Getsiou
ISBN: 978-960-505-379-6

Etel Adnan has a close relationship with modern theater. She has collaborated on texts with Bob Wilson and Heiner Müller and has worked closely with Terzopoulos and the Attis Theater, where her texts have been presented.

This book gathers two texts: a great theatrological text, first published in Germany, about the “Greek” world of Terzopoulos and his relationship with ancient tragedy; and one for her return to Greece and her experiences in Delphi and Kiato, where she rediscovered her mother language, the Greek landscape, the holy places and the ancient Greek tragedy.
(from the back cover)