Semiotic Approaches of Theatre
Theory and Critical Analysis of Modern Theatre Performance

ed. EllinikaGrammata, Athens, 2008

ISBN: 9789603446484

The aim of this book is to examine the theatrical phenomenon under its double structure, inherent in every theatrical act, that is, both as a text and as a performance. The theoretical presentation is based on a variety of examples of theatrical performances, directors’ choices, actors’ performances, stage designs, both from Greek and foreign theatrical practice. The first part is composed of theoretical texts that analyze from a semiotic point of view individual issues that have arisen from the theatre practice itself. The texts that compose the second part are critical analyzes of specific performances that have been presentedlately in Greece. The book is a useful manual for those who are working or intend to work professionally in theatre, but, primarily,it is addressed to the audience, to those who wish, not only to judge but also to understand and objectively evaluate the performances they attend.
(from the back cover)

The book includes a chapter etitled “The energetic embodiment of dramatic speech: Prometheus Bound by Attis theatre group, directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos “.