Meta-theatre 1985-95

Savvas Patsalidis
ed.  Paratiritis, Thessaloniki, 1995

ISBN: 960-260-855-2

Theatre is giving its own battle for survival in a world of frightening geographical changes and cultural exchanges and in a landscape dominated by television and ideologically level. Sometimes assisted by modern technology or modern theory and sometimes assisted by the solid classic texts, the modern theatre,just before the end of the 20th century, attempts to project its own “counter-proposal” around the deadlocks of modern thought and practice. Without necessarily reaching a commonly accepted proposal, the anxious theatre makers leave no room intact. Their writing and practice are dominated by the “meta” of the symbols, the incredulity and the constant hovering. Μüller, Brook, Mnouchkine, Schechner, Suzuki and in Greece a younger generation of artists, such as Staikos, Veltsos, Marmarinos, Kakleas, Terzopoulos, etc., transform their agony into a meta-theatre.
(from the backcover)