Il Ritorno di Dionysos
Il Metodo di Theodoros Terzopoulos

ed. Cue Press, Bologna, 2017
translation: Michalis Traitsis, Elettra di Gaetano

ISBN: 978–88–99737–48–1

The Italian edition of the Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos, including a preface written by professor Konstantinos Arvanitakis (McGill University, Canada) is published by Cue Press in digital e-book and hard copy.
The book includes 12 chapters and 40 self-study exercises for actresses and actors. The basic training is demonstrated by Savvas Stroumpos in online videos (run. time 2.5 hours) available in the website of the publishing house.

“The body houses Dionysos. It is the god who has been buried and forgotten not only by the Thebans, but by modern man as well. Terzopoulos wants to re-awaken the narcotized god and free his suppressed erotic creative life energy. But not only erotic. Freud had understood Dionysos well: he is the god of the orgy of life but he is, also, the god of the dark forces of death, Eros and Thanatos at once.”
(from the preface by Konstantinos Arvanitakis)

https://www.cuepress.com/catalogo/il-ritorno-di-dionysosphoto: Johanna Weber