Il respiro di Dioniso
Il Teatro di Theodoros Terzopoulos

Andrea Porcheddu
Luca Sossella editore, Rome, 2020

ISBN: 978-88-3223146-5

Theodoros Terzopoulos is acclaimed as a Master.

Sincethe eighties, with the memorable staging of the Bacchae, he has been established on the international scene thanks to radically violent, carnal, yet refined and geometrically ritual performances. Terzopoulos was able to combine the Brechtian school, learned by Heiner Müller in the seventies, with the feverish revolt of Antonin Artaud, dealing with the Myth and classical and contemporary texts.

Terzopoulos, like the great founders of direction, is the creator of a physical working method for actors now widespread in the East and West.

In a journey to discover his theater, the book traces the stages of his work-life and  Attis company, also focusing on Italian productions, analyzed thanks to the testimonies of the actors Lia Careddu, Fabrizio Gifuni, Paolo Musio and Galatea Ranzi.