Griechenland – Entfernungen in die Wirklichkeit

Armin Kerker
ed. Argument, Hamburg, 1988

ISBN: 3-88619-367-5

Greek and German authors and artists write about issues of the modern Greek history and culture, such as: the German occupation, the National Resistance, the military dictatorship, modern cinema and theatre, folk music, the status of women in modern Greece. This book is not a travel guide. It doesn’t present modern Greece through the prism of nostalgia for the ancient world, but through its modern history, as it reflects on art, music, literature, theatre, cinema.
With contributions by: Theodoros Aggelopoulos, Wolf Biermann, Hagen Fleischer, Walter Höllerer, Annita Kalpaka, Elias Petropoulos, HeinzRichter, Jannis Ritsos, Alexander Skinas, Kostas Tachtsis, Mikis Theodorakis, Theodoros Terzopoulos.