Geometrizing the Chaos
Form and metaphysics in the theatre of Theodoros Terzopoulos

Giorgos Sampatakakis
ed. Metaichmio, Athens, 2008
ISBN: 978-960-455-438-6

Theodoros Terzopoulos with his subversive directions came into conflict with the Greek theatrical status quo and gained an eminent place at the international theatre. Even though the work of Terzopoulos has been thoroughly examined in Greece and abroad, the book of Giorgos Sampatakakis illuminates a different aspect and tries to subvert some “critic” ideologies, related to the performances of Attis Theatre. At the theatre of Terzopoulos the conflict with the current aesthetics evokes the ellimination of the “old” and “safe” idiom and promotes the end of verisimilitude in theatre. The book includes a rich, unpublished till now, archival material of director’s notes and several photos from Attis’ performances. The book addresses to students of drama schools, actors and actresses, directors.
(from the back cover)

photo: Johanna Weber