Die Ruckkehr des Dionysos – Die Methode des Theodoros Terzopoulos

ed. Theater der Zeit, Berlin 2016
translation: Torsten Israel

ISBN: 978-3-95749-047-6

The book includes 12 chapters and 40 self-study exercises for actresses and actors. The basic training is demonstrated by Savvas Stroumpos in online videos (run. time 2.5 hours) available in vimeo. The edition also includes a preface by the acclaimed professor Erika Fischer Lichte and aν interview between Terzopoulos and Torsten Israel.

In “The Return of Dionysus” the famous Greek director Theodoros Terzopoulos describes the basics of his theatrical work: the rebirth of modern theater from spirit of body work. The reflection of elemental terms such as “breath”, “energy” or “time” in relation to physical and scenic presence of the actor build the center of his unique method of actor training”.
(from the back cover)