Brecht + Müller

ed. Theater der zeit, Berlin, 2010

ISBN: 978-3940-7377-17

The relationship between Heiner Müller and Brecht has been described as that of student and teacher, later as that of the heiress and testator, but ultimately also as one of increasing estrangement and difference. Where does the border line that separates the two writers run, where do similarities emerge? This ambivalence towards similarities and difference was the topic of the Brecht Days 2009 in Literaturforum in Brecht-Haus in Berlin.

Acclaimed German and foreign theatre directors, who refer to the aesthetic theorems of Brecht and Müller in their work, have explored this topic in conversations and described the integration of Brecht’s and Müller’s theories in their own artistic work.

Discussions with Frank Castorf, Wolfgang Engler, Dimiter Gotscheff, Adel Karasholi, Wojtek Klemm, Mark Lammert, Armin Petras, René Pollesch, Rimini Protokoll, Theodoros Terzopoulos and others.