Clunia II
El Actor Tragico y el Actor Comico en el Teatro Griego. Interpretacion Coral

Edited by José Monleón and Juan Luis Sáez
ed. Asociacion Cultural de Teatro la Tarasca, Burgos, 2006

This volume continues the ‘La Tarasca collection. Theatrical Studies’ and does so by looking back at the Greek theater. ‘The tragic actor and the comic actor in the Greek theater’ and ‘Choral interpretation. The lament in ancient Greek tragedy ‘were the titles of two summer courses held in the town Burgos in late July 2002 and 2004 respectively, organized by the University of Burgos. Both courses were co-directed by Professor Carlos Lozano García, director of the Theater Classroom of the Burgos University. In addition, the first was co-directed by the eminent Greek theatre director Theodoros Terzopoulos and the second by professor of Dramatic Art Juan Luis Sáez García. The proximity of the Roman city of Clunia, with its theater surely contributed to the remarkable academic and scenic success of the two courses. The reader will find valuable contributions from renowned Hellenists, theater scholars and theater artists. The quality of this volume is undoubtedly guaranteed by the care taken by two great theater lovers, José Monleón and Juan Luis Sáez.