Amor is Attis theatre's new prodduction; scenic composition based on a text written by Thanasis Alevras and directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos. Amor will premiere in Attis Theatre on December 6th, 2013.

The scene is a place of an auction, where everything is being sampled, cost and purchased: the roles, the theatre accessories, the emotions, the memories, the parts of human body. The prices are affected by the fluctuations of the stock market.
The actors humorously observe the contemporary situations, they interpret extreme behaviours of persons manipulating and being manipulated by authority, in an era of crisis. However, everything is undermined by the promise of Amor, which could function as a drive force of humanizing.

Casting     Aglaia Pappa
Antonis Myriagkos  

Direction- Scenic installation-
Text composition   Theodoros Terzopoulos
Music   Panagiotis Velianitis
Costumes   LOUKIA
Lights   Theodoros Terzopoulos
Konstantinos Bethanis
Execution of scenic installation   Charalampos Terzopoulos
Technical director   Konstantinos Bethanis
Production Executive   Maria Vogiatzi  
Photos   Johanna Weber

Performances: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday at 21.00
Sunday at 19.00

Duration 55 min
Tickets: 15€, 12€ (students)

(photo: Johanna Weber)

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