The premiere of Bacchae by Euripides, directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos, on January 26 was a huge triumph at the historical Electro Theatre Stanislavsky. The performance was received with standing ovation by the audience, which applauded rhythmically for several minutes. Invited by the director of the theatre Boris Yuchananov, Theodoros Terzopoulos directed Bacchae with prominent Russian actors and actresses and inaugurated the renovated Electro Theatre Stanislavsky. Besides directing, Theodoros Terzopoulos has also designed the set, the costumes and the lights of the performance. The music composition was written by Panagiotis Velianitis, while Savvas Stroumpos was the assistant director.

Bacchae will be presented in
Electro Theatre Stanislavsky's repertoire for five years. The next performances are scheduled to be on July 11, 12 and 13. 

Bacchae by Euripides

Translation: Innokenty Annensky
Direction: Theodoros Terzopoulos 
Set design, costumes, lights, choreography: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Assistant director: Savvas Stroumpos
Music composition: Panagiotis Velianitis
Director's assistants: Rustem Begenov, Klim Kozinsky

Dionysus: Elena Morozova
Pentheas: Anton Kostochkin
Agave: Alla Kazakova
Kadmos: Oleg Bazhanov
Teiresias: Yuriy Duvanov
First Messenger:  Tatiana Mayst, Tatiana Nazarova, Natalia Pavlenkova, Lyudmila Rozanova, Tatiana Ukharova
Second Messenger: Elena Morozova
Women of the Palace: Nina Firsova, Elena Klischevskaya, Lyudmila Khallilulina, Diana Rakhimova
Chorus: Yuliya Abdel Fattah, Rustem Begenov, Anastasia Fursa, Georgy Grischenkov, Anastasia Ksenofontova, Margarita Movsesyan, Dmitry Myagkiy, Mikhail Sokolov

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photo: Johanna Weber