Theodoros Terzopoulos just returned from Togamura, the chair of Tadashi's Suzuki SCOT Company, where he participated, as the President of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics, in the discussions for the preparation of the 6th Theatre Olympics, which will be held on September/October 2014 in Beijing. Members of the International committee from the Asian countries participated in the planning of the artistic program.

Next station for Attis Theatre is Philadelphia, in the USA, where the performance Ajax, the madness will be presented on September 5th, 6th and 7th, within the frames of FringeArts Festival. FringeArts Festival, the greatest International Festival of Philadelphia,  came up from the conjuction of Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe and hosts some of the most significant American and European theatre, dance and visual artists, like Romeo Castelucci, Jo Stromgren, Tobias Wegner etc (  American press presents the performance Ajax, the madness, as one of the most expected shows of this year's edition and calls Theodoros Terzopoulos «legendary director» ( Within the frames of the festival Theodoros Terzopoulos will also lead a 5 days workshop for professional actors and actresses.

The performance Ajax, the madness was presented for the first time on 2004 and since then it has participated in noumerous festivals in Europe, Asia and South America. When it was presented in Spain on 2008, Rosana Torres wrote in El Pais:
«Three actors, a few objects and few verses compose the great universe of tragedy. Theodoros Terzopoulos is to tragedy, what Peter Brook is to Shakespeare" 

Ajax, the madness

Scenic composition based upon Ajax by Sophocles
Translation: I. Griparis
Set/Costume design: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Lights: Theodoros Terzopoulos/ Konstantinos Bethanis

Acting: Tasos Dimas
Savvas Stroumpos
Meletis Ilias