“KRISIS- a work in progress” in Attis Theatre by Companhia Nova de Teatro.

Wednesday, july 3rd at 21.00

The first International Workshop, titled "The Method of Theodoros  Terzopoulos" is being conducted in Attis Theatre from June 23rd to July 2nd. The workshop is being attended by students of Teatro Centro Attivo from Milano and by actors of Companhia Nova de Teatro from Brazil. Within the frames of the workshop, from which the actors of Companhia Nova de Teatro are inspired, they will present as work in progress, a 30 minutes abstract of the performance titled «KRISIS». The company integrates in the performance fragments from ancient greek tragedies combined with contemporary texts, in order to illuminate the contemporary image of the financial crisis and the cultural collapse. The young director Lenerson Polonini and the team bring us their impressions form the recent developments in Brazil and they testify their comment for the universal crisis and the human misery.

Companhia Nova de Teatro was founded on 2001 by Lenerson Polonini and Carina Casusceli. the company works in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, presenting plays by avant-guard writers of 20th century (S. Becket, Ε.Α. Poe, H. Muller, etc).


Playwrights: Eduardo Brito, Carina Casuscelli

Stage direction: Lenerson Polonini

Costume design: Carina Casusceli

Lighting design: Lenerson Polonini

Soundtrack: Wilson Sukorski

Research collaboration: Milena Faria

Video scenaries: Alexandre Ferraz, Giuliano Conti

Acting: Carina Casusceli, Rosa Freitas, Marcelo Jacob, Cleo Moraes, Milena Faria

The projectKRISIS” is being supported by Ministerio da Cultura (Brazil).

Duration: 30 minutes
Admission free