SUNDAY, MAY 19th, 2013

After the great success of the master class, that Theodoros Terzopoulos conducted in Nationalle Accademia dell' Arte Silvio d' Amico, in Rome, Attis theatre continues its activities, presenting Iocasta at the historica Alexandrinsky Theatre, in Saint Petersburg.
The Nationalle Accademia dell' Arte Silvio d' Amiico in Rome, within the frames of the project "Grandi maestri della scena teatrale", had invited Theodoros Terzopoulos and his colleagues, Paolo Musio and Savvas Stroumpos, to conduct a 15days workshop with the undergraduate students of the Academy ( The collaboration between the Academy and Theodoros Terzopoulos will be continued, since every spring the director will conduct a 15days seminar, teaching his working Method to the 3rd grade students of the Academy. At the same time, Theodoros Terzopoulos participated in the project "Il giro d' Europa in 80 giorni", a project about Europe, crisis and art. Important European artists, writers and directors participated in the same project with speeches, representing a European city. Theodoros Terzopoulos, representing Athens, spoke about Democracy and Art, embarking from texts like Socrates'apology and Pericles' Epitaph. At the same time actors of Teatro Stabile di Modena interpreted poems by Sepheris, Ritsos, Karouzos, Sikelianos and others (
Alexandrinsky Theatre, in Saint Petersburg, is the next station, where Iocasta by Jannis Kontraphouris and directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos will be presented on Sunday, May 19th ( Alexandrinsky Theatre is one of Russia's historical theatres (founded in 1756 and renovated in 2006), is a benchmark for Russia's artistic production, since it has hosted premieres of the plays of the most important European writers and directors. Theodoros Terzopoulos inaugurated the renovated Alexandrinsky Theatre in 2006, directing Oedipus Rex with Russian actors.
Together with Iocasta performance , Theodoros Terzopoulos and his assistant, Savvas Stroumpos, will conduct a workshop, titled "Perpetual improvisation", for the professional actors of Alexandrinsky theatre and the 2nd grade students of St. Petersburg's Theatre Academy.

A few words about Iocasta

Jannis Kontraphouris wrote his play "Jocasta", referring to the ancient myth, in the hospital shortly before his death. He particularly mentioned that he would like "Iocasta" to be staged by Theodoros Terzopoulos in his ATTIS theatre. The director fulfilled the last will and dedicated the performance to the memory of the author.
«The play belongs to the tradition of many contemporary plays, that go back to the ancient greek myths to deal with heroic figures in a profound and inevitably anti-heroic era. With ruins and remains of memories, Iocasta constructs her own final nightmare and disturbs the order of a society based upon monstrous crimes."
The international premiere of the play was given in Moscow on October 2011, whether Iocasta has been also presented in Athens, Perm and Genova.

Set design: Theodoros Terzopoulos

Iocasta: Sophia Hill
Narrator: Theodoros Terzopoulos

(photo: Johanna Weber)