After the triumph of Prometheus Bound in Taiwan, the next activity of Theodoros Terzopoulos and Attis Theatre abroad is a workshop in the National Drama Academy of Rome. Within the frames of the project «Grandi maestri della scena teatrale” the Nationalle Accademia dell' Arte Silvio D'Amico invited Theodoros Terzopoulos for a 15days workshop, from April 11th to April 25th, on Prometheus Bound, with the undergraduate students of the Academy. An "open class" will be presented the last day of the workshop, which will be attended by the professors of the Academy, directors and actors.  The stable collaborators of Theodoros Terzopoulos, Savvas Stroumpos and Paolo Musio, will be his assistants during the workshop.

In the press conference, which was held one month ago in Rome, the President of the Academy, Lorenzo Salveti, said: «It is a unique chance for our sudents the opportunity to work with one of the greatest contemporary masters».(

During the same press conference, which was organised by the Greek Embassy in Rome, in collaboration with the Nationalle Accademia dell' Arte Silvio d' Amico, it was presented the program of activities and collaborations of Theodoros Terzopoulos and Attis Theatre in Italy the following two years (2014- 2015): Alarme, with Sophia Hill and Aglaia Pappa and the Dancer by Erich Arendt with Tasos Dimas will be presented in Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival, in Modean, on May- June 2013, Phaedra by Marina Tschvetayeva, with Alla Demitova will be presented in Festival In Una Notte d’ Estate, in Genoa, on summer 2013, while Theodoros Terzopoulos will direct a tragedy with an international cast in Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, in Modena.