ON  FRIDAY, MARCH 1st, at 21.00
ON SATURDAY, MARCH 2nd, at 21.00

ALARME in Attis Theatre will be prolonged for three more performances, since the last performances were sold-out. The three performances will be performed on Friday 1/3, Saturday 2/3 and Friday 3/3. 

ALARME, one of the atop performances of last years is being presented for third season in Attis Theatre. ALARME has been famously appreciated by the audience and highly praised by the greek and international press.

ALARME directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos is a scenic composition based upon the correspondence between Maria Stewart and Queen Elisabeth A'. An international tour will follow up the performances in Athens, since ALARME has been invited by international festivals.

ALARME based on the correspondence between Maria Stewart and Elisabeth A' deals with the love-hatred relationship between the two Queens that were never real met, in order to comment upon the always current issue of authority. 

"The performance deals with the fatal conflict of the two women. Behind this fatal conflict, lies a constant desire for fusion. This fusion attracts but also frightens them, since it means the abolition of their individuality. The two women fight each other and invoke violence, in order to defend themselves against this desire for fusion. The conclusion is that behind the war lies an absolute love that frightens them more than the hatred and the violence. This dynamism, that remains unsaid to the end, drives them to the total destruction". (from the program notes of the performance)

You may visit the following links, to read the reviews that Michael Billington of Guardian wrote for ALARME.ΙΣΤΟΡΙΚΟ/ΠΑΡΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ/item/329-ΚΡΙΤΙΚΕΣ.html?catid=Alarme-%282010%29

Direction - Scenic design

- Scenic composition: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Costumes design: LOUKIA
Music composition: Panagiotis Velianitis
Lights: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Konstantinos Bethanis
Hair styling: Dimitris Palaiologou
Technical responsible: Konstantinos Bethanis
Execution of scenic installation: Charalampos Terzopoulos
Production executive: Maria Vogiatzi

Elisabeth: Sophia Hill
Maria Stewart: Aglaia Pappa
Narrator: Tassos Dimas

Performances: Friday and Saturday at 21.00
Sunday at 19.00

Tickets: 15€ and 12€ (students)

info: Attis Theatre
7, Leonidou str. 10437, Athens
tel. (0030) 2105226260
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(photo: Johanna Weber)