Saturday October 1st, 2011

Theatre Center Na strastnom
Time: 19.00

Yannis Kontraphouris
(World premiere)

Direction- Scenic installation: Theodoros Terzopoulos

Iocasta: Sophia Hill
Narrator:Theodoros Terzopoulos

"The play belongs to the tradition of many contemporary plays, that go back to the ancient Greek myths to deal with heroic figures in a deeply and inevitably anti-heroic era. The individuality of this play consists in the fact that the mythic frame is only at the margin, something that reinforces the universality of the suffering personae. With ruins of words and remains of memories, Iocasta constructs her own final nightmare and disturbs the order of a society based upon monstrous crimes. Iocasta comes to the light to deliver to the audience her miserable glory. She declines her royal burdens and she descents to the abyss of her devastating life. At the time of her descent, even the natural forces are present and accommodate the definite declination of the heroic world. The language of the play is poetic and fragmental. The grammatical and syntactic derangement contributes to the certainty of an imminent destruction. The play, with the one word phrases, functions as a countdown to the end. Denuded by the royal tumult, Iocasta, who only wished for a silence, listens to the hymns of her sanctification. And like a saint, she offers her body like a Communion to the mouths of her enemies."

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