Aesxyleia 2011

Sunday, September 4rth, 2011
Old Oil Mill

Time: 21.00

Carlo Michelstaedter
Co-production between Teatro Stabile del Umbria, του Teatro Brunello Cucinelli, του Emilia Romagna Teatro and Attis Theatre

Adaptation: Paolo Musio - Theodoros Terzopoulos
Direction: Theodoros Terzopoulos

Acting: Paolo Musio
           Theodoros Terzopoulos

"In the middle of the empty scene, an actor stands all alone; his body has turned into a multi-rhythmic machine, confronted with the elementary natural powers, like gravity. In his eyes sparkles an unsearchable distance; his mind is lost in a space from where rise elusive images, fragments from stories, violent blasphemies, expressions of a desperate and clear voice, in the attempt to create the labyrinth in which he is being lost, in an intense adventure of the thought".

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