Il Ritorno di Dionysos- Il Metodo di Theodoros Terzopoulos

The Return of Dionysus
The Method of Theodoros Terzopoulos 
(Italian edition)

ed. Cue Press, Bologna, 2017

ISBN: 978–88–99737–48–1

The Italian edition of "The return of Dionysus" is translated by Michalis Traitsis and Electra di Gaetano amd includes a prologue by Konstantinos Arvanitakis, professor at McGill University in Canada.
The book is available in digital and hard copy. 

The book includes 12 theoretical chapters and 40 practical exercises, while it is accompanied by a DVD 2.5 hours long with the basic training. Apart from Italian, "The REturn of Dionysus" is published in German, Greek, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Turkish and Mandarin and it is translated in English, Spanish, Portugese and Persian.