W labiryncie. Theodoros Terzopoulos spotyka Heinera Müllera

Frank Raddatz
translation: Przeklad Mateusz Borowski, Malgorzata Sugiera

Institut Im Jerzego Grotowskiego, Wroclaw, 2012
ISBN: 978-83-61835-92-9

Grotowski Institute just published the book W labiryncie. Theodoros Terzopoulos spotyka Heinera Müllera (In Labyrinth. Theodoros Terzopoulos meets Heiner Müller), whithin the frameworks of the project Masters in Residence and the direction of Mauser by Theodoros Terzopoulos at the Institute with Polish actors.W labiryncie is the Polish translation of the german book Im Labyrinth, Theodoros Terzopoulos begegnet Heiner Müller by Frank Raddatz (Theater der Zeit, Berlin, 2009). The book was translated to Polish by the Professors of the University of Krakow Mateusz Borowski and Małgorzata Sugiera.

A few words about the book.
Theodoros Terzopoulos studied in Berliner Ensemble from 1972 till 1976. There he met Heiner Muller and their acquaintance had been decisive for the director. The book refers to the lasting collaboration between Theodoros Terzopoulos and Heiner Muller and to the performances of Muller's plays that Terzopoulos directed in Greece and abroad. It also consists of an index of 48 aphorisms (in a dialogue between T, Terzopoulos and H. Muller upon Theatre, Tragedy and Myth), director's notes and numerous photos taken from Attis Theatre's performances on Müller's plays.