Medea Material (Argos Festival, 1995)

Medea Material (Argos Festival, 1995)

(General Title: "The War Machine")

24 June 1995, Marinu Factory, Argos Festival, Greece

Artistic director: Eleni Varopoulou

Translation: Eleni Varopoulou
Direction: Theodoros Terzopoulos

Acting: Sophia Michopoulou

"Argos Festival, 23-30 June 1995. Under the general issue "GENIUS LOCI" I assemple a network of topics and spaces, assigning to Greek and international artists to present works especially created for the Kapodistrian Quarters, for the Hill of Shield, for Trikoupis' neoclassic building, for Marinu factory, for the ancient theatre of Argos: a route of artists and works involving dance, opera, dramatic monologues, artistic installations, sculpture- happenings, constructions, performances and improvisations by a group of foreign actors and amateurs, integrated to the landsape. [...]"

Eleni Varopolou (Argos Festival, 1994- 1997, Protasi pb. 1998)